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International/Global Business Schools & MBA Programs

While almost all cutting edge MBA programs emphasize business with a global perspective, certain schools and programs give students an extra edge when it comes to getting international experience or focusing on global business strategies. Top international business schools push their graduates to become leaders in international business, and they know that all sectors of the business world are affected by global factors, like the economy, ethnic and cultural sensitivities, politics, and social issues. Future career paths for students who graduate from top international business schools and international MBA programs vary greatly, just like any degree in business.

Some graduates may want to work exclusively for an international marketing department, while others may want to consult for a business on the global economy and how different financial markets around the world affect that business. Others can find work in government, nonprofit groups, and in any other business department that operates internationally, including human resources, public relations, finance or management. Those wanting to open their own companies may find that a global MBA is also incredibly important, depending on the goods or services they wish to sell. A degree from a top international business school or from a school featuring a global MBA program communicates to employers a serious commitment to and thorough understanding of how all these types of global factors affect business and how they can be used to benefit a company. This kind of degree also shows leadership, versatility, and the ability to work with diverse groups of people from all over the world.

There are two basic ways to achieve this kind of marketability. Students interested in international business may want to get an MBA or Global MBA from a college or university located in a different part of the world, or they can get a degree from a university in the United States that specializes in international business. The latter program should offer language requirements, study abroad, international internships opportunities and other opportunities for gathering real-world, international experience. A Global MBA program will offer a core curriculum in general, upper-level business strategies like accounting, ethics, business communications and marketing, as well as courses that are tailored to an international business experience. These classes will cover areas like thinking with a global perspective, leadership in a global environment, financial markets and even international human resources and labor issues. To find quality business schools with strong Global MBA programs in the United States, research top international business school rankings that measure factors like graduation rate, number of faculty, the availability of career placement and career advising resources, reputation, an accessible, global network of alumni and business contacts, study abroad options, and more.

When choosing a top international business school rather than an American one, look to international business school rankings that can give you an overall impression of the school's reputation, strengths and weaknesses. A good international ranking can help direct you towards MBA programs that will be well-received all over the world and will help you find a good job after graduation, including in the United States. If you expect an employer in the United States to approve of your foreign degree, you will need to make sure that the school you attend abroad has an excellent international reputation and that its academic standards are up to par with American graduate school standards. The U.S. Department of Education has a website that explains this process. International business schools may also be structured and scheduled differently from those in the U.S., and they will have different admission requirements, so make sure you research each school thoroughly and verify its international business school ranking before applying.

Featured Online Business Schools & MBA Programs

Capella University – Master’s Degrees. An ideal choice for working adults, Capella University is dedicated to providing quality learning environments for all students. With business degree options that are affordable, Capella lets the student choose when and where to take classes.

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American InterContinental University – Associate’s & Bachelor’s Degrees. With multiple business concentration degrees, American InterContinental University is ideal for any student looking for a degree focusing on Accounting, Marketing, Finance, International Business, or Management. Their flexible programs also allow students to engage in other responsibilities while earning their degree entirely online.

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Kaplan University – Associate’s & Bachelor’s Degrees. As one of the largest and most prolific online universities, Kaplan University provides numerous MBA & Bachelor of Science Degrees in Business at their campus and online locations. Full-time and part-time students will be satisfied with the business degree plans offered by Kaplan.

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