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Brown Mackie College-Miami

Brown Mackie College-Miami is located in Miami, Florida. It is a private school with mainly four-year programs.

For students at Brown Mackie College-Miami, it has:

  • Associate's degree in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration
  • Associate's degree in Business Administration and Management, General
  • Associate's degree in Accounting Technology/Technician and Bookkeeping

What people are tweeting about Brown Mackie College Miami

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I'm at Brown Mackie College (450 N. Rogers Rd. Suite 175, Olathe) '
@iNeedA_dxmnNAME Lmfao!!!! I'm going to Brown Mackie College!!!! '
Earn your degree in two years and with classes once a month? Classes are forming now for Brown Mackie College! '
"Your path will not walk itself." ~ from an advertisement for Brown Mackie College '
Good morning! Busy day today: ribbon cutting for Brown Mackie college and African American Biz Council meeting. What's on your agenda? '
On my way to Brown Mackie college '
@HeartLess_Leak I go to brown mackie college!! '
I'm at Brown Mackie College '
I have to go visit brown mackie college right after work to talk about going back to school. can we meet tomorrow '

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