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MBA in Telecommunications

Telecommunications is essential to any business, and telecommunications companies make billions of dollars each year selling products and services to these businesses and other consumers. Phones, internet, teleconferencing and more have become elements that no business can do without, so those working in this field will have little difficulty finding new and exciting ways to use their expertise. Whether you want to learn to manage communication within a large corporation or work directly with telecommunications companies, you'll get the skills in technology, leadership and strategy that you need through an MBA program in the field.

Coursework for a telecommunications program will likely begin with some basic courses in business administration to ensure that students are familiar with the fundamental concepts that will guide their careers and education. This can include courses that deal with finance, marketing, management and business strategy and planning. Courses specialized to the telecommunications degree will also form a big part of what students will be learning, often covering essential topics like telecommunications networks, systems in organizations, telecommunications technology and management, system planning, international telecommunications, and telecommunications policies. These courses should give students the background in technology, theory and practice that will allow them to analyze, design and manage telecommunications networks at the national and international level. Most of these programs are designed to take about 18-24 months and some schools offer evening and weekend courses to make study easier on working professionals. Online courses working towards the MBA can also be a great way to balance personal and professional commitments while attending school.

Graduates of these programs will emerge ready to work in the telecommunications field. Employment opportunities will be found both in large national telecommunications companies as well as individual businesses looking to refine and skillfully manage their in-house telecommunications networks. While most students will work with existing businesses, some may want to strike out on their own and become consultants who work with a wide range of industries and companies to help them build more efficient telecommunications systems. This field is in fairly high demand and salaries are often meted out accordingly, though an MBA or any other degree is no guarantee of a large salary post-graduation.

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Capella University – Master’s Degrees. An ideal choice for working adults, Capella University is dedicated to providing quality learning environments for all students. With business degree options that are affordable, Capella lets the student choose when and where to take classes.

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American InterContinental University – Associate’s & Bachelor’s Degrees. With multiple business concentration degrees, American InterContinental University is ideal for any student looking for a degree focusing on Accounting, Marketing, Finance, International Business, or Management. Their flexible programs also allow students to engage in other responsibilities while earning their degree entirely online.

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Kaplan University – Associate’s & Bachelor’s Degrees. As one of the largest and most prolific online universities, Kaplan University provides numerous MBA & Bachelor of Science Degrees in Business at their campus and online locations. Full-time and part-time students will be satisfied with the business degree plans offered by Kaplan.

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