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MBA in Technology Management

Technology has become the glue that holds many companies together. Without it, employees wouldn't be able to work together, information would be much more difficult to manage, and online sales and advertising would be lost. Because of this pivotal role, businesses need qualified individuals who can manage these technology systems to ensure they are kept up and running and in step with the latest advancements. An MBA in technology management will give you the skills both in technology and leadership that will allow you to work with IT systems and the people required to keep them operating.

Technology management programs are designed to give graduates the skills they'll need to work in a high-paced and essential part of business. With network and information security being paramount, managers in this capacity will be expected to be detail oriented and have good problem solving skills, two things an MBA program should be designed to teach them. Coursework will generally start out with classes that focus on more general business principles like finance, management, business technology, and marketing. Once these are completed, students will move on to more specialized coursework which will help them learn more specifically how to effectively manage an IT team and its accompanying resources. These can include classes like systems analysis, marketing tech products, managing people in technology companies, supply chain management and technology and innovation. This course of study will generally take about 16-24 months to complete and should give graduates the skills they need to work competitively in the business market.

Job growth and opportunity is projected to be quite good in technology management as businesses become increasingly reliant of the technologies they use to manage people, information and products. Graduates will find work both in large corporations in a variety of industries and in the technology industry itself. A majority of students will go on to work in upper level management positions in these businesses, but there is also the opportunity to work as a consultant or start your own business as well. With tech-savvy employees in high demand, salaries are according high. On average, an information systems manager can make over $90,000 a year, though there is no guarantee of this level of salary.

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Ashford University – Associate’s & Bachelor’s Degrees. Ashford University offers advanced, quality education for students seeking to further advance their career into leadership or management roles in several different entities. Their programs are based on current business practices and trends to prepare students for the competitive, demanding business industry.

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