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MBA Programs in Operations Management

Operations management is concerned with the efficient production and distribution of products and services and is a key component of a business. Those looking to pursue a degree in this field may find employment in the coordination of employees, resources, equipment and information across many different organizational levels. With the tools and knowledge gained from completing this degree, many students will find a variety of careers available to them in the business world that allow them to be a major part of the operations of organizations.

Operations Manager video from the State of New Jersey Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development

Programs designed to prepare students for careers in operations management are targeted at students interested in developing, planning, operating and managing a business. While primary courses will be taught in decision-making, accounting, finance and business law, additional coursework will be available in supply chain management, project management, quality management and production planning and control. After completing an MBA program in operations management, graduates should gain the understanding of how to manage projects and analyze operations strategy, but also the ability to take that understanding and apply it to a specific business. How long it takes to complete an MBA program will vary by the individual student, whether or not courses are taken full or part time, and the learning institution itself. On average, however, MBA programs take about two years to complete after first completing a bachelor's degree program.

The salary that graduates of an MBA program in operations management will make will depend largely on what area of study they choose to specialize in, where they live, and their previous experience in the field. While there is no guarantee of a specific salary, many MBA level graduates in the field report annual salaries of $120,000. These earnings come from careers in a wide range of industries. Positions may be available as operations managers, general managers and a range of other business related fields that may or may not be directly related to operations management. Like most business fields, business administration can be a valuable and in-demand field to pursue, especially at the MBA level.

Operations Management opportunities by state

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