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MBA in Nonprofit and Goverment Mgt.

For some, getting a higher degree doesnít just mean getting a bigger paycheck. Many MBA students go on to work in careers that are directly related to nonprofit organizations that support a number of underprivileged groups, community service projects, support systems, and educational programs for people across the nation and around the world. These non-profit groups, both independent and government sanctioned, need professionals that can meet their specific needs for promotion, financial management, fundraising and more, and those with an MBA specializing in this area will be well suited for the job.

With a majority of programs taking one and a half to two years to complete, getting an MBA is no simple task. Of course, online universities and weekend study programs do offer a chance for working professionals to attend classes without giving up their day jobs. Students enrolled in these programs will be given a chance to learn some of the business basics theyíll need to make educated and sound decisions as managers including basic finance and economics classes as well as business strategy and organization classes. More specialized courses will be required as well that will help students learn how to deal with legal and policy issues for nonprofits, fundraising, managing volunteers and other staff, creating a budget, and marketing a nonprofit organization to garner community support. Students should emerge from these programs of study armed with the tools to help a variety of nonprofit organizations make the most of their funding, create a well-known and respected image, and manage and maximize their impact on the community and beyond.

While the potential opportunities will be different for each person based on experience, skills and location, many graduates will find a range of career options available to them in the working world with their MBA. In fact, a fair percentage of managers and directors in large scale organizations have a higher degree of some sort, making you increasingly competitive in the job market. Some potential careers for graduates include marketing directors, meeting and convention coordinators, fundraising management and public relations. Potential for success in this field is good and compensation can be quite high, with some high level officials earning up to six figure salaries though most average around $70,000 annually.

Featured Online Business Schools & MBA Programs

Capella University – Master’s Degrees. An ideal choice for working adults, Capella University is dedicated to providing quality learning environments for all students. With business degree options that are affordable, Capella lets the student choose when and where to take classes.

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Purdue University Global – Bachelor’s Degrees. Building on Purdue’s mission to provide greater access to affordable, world-class education, Purdue University Global delivers a fully personalized online experience that’s tailored for working adults.

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Ashford University – Associate’s & Bachelor’s Degrees. Ashford University offers advanced, quality education for students seeking to further advance their career into leadership or management roles in several different entities. Their programs are based on current business practices and trends to prepare students for the competitive, demanding business industry.

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