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MBA in Health Care / Administration

Those interested in improving the accessibility and quality of healthcare in the United States, or just making sure it is run efficiently, will be well served by an MBA in Healthcare Administration. Professionals in this industry work to control costs, maintain high standards of patient care, manage staff and medical professionals and ensure that everyone is treated ethically, fairly and within legal guidelines. While this is no easy task, an MBA can help give you the management and leadership skills that you will need to effectively work in higher level administrative positions, either coming from within the industry or without.

Most students enrolled in an MBA program in healthcare administration should expect to dedicate about two years to their studies. Of course, there are some colleges, both online and off, that have more accelerated programs which may make it possible to finish sooner. This isn't a nursing online degree program–you'll be learning how to manage, rather than give people shots; you'll also learn about finance, risk assessment and asset allocation. Students may also choose to create a program of study thatís more directly related to their personal interests in health care by taking courses in working with HMOs, healthcare finance issues, database and information management, health policy and healthcare strategy. These courses should help to produce graduates that are competent in all areas needed to effectively manage not only personnel by resources and finances as well. They should also gain a fairly comprehensive knowledge of the legal, regulatory and ethical requirements expected of a health care institution.

There are a variety of health care facilities that exist including public and private hospitals, government funded health care programs, smaller doctorís offices and long term and senior care centers. Within these facilities, those with an MBA can expect to be qualified for a number of management positions dealing with financial issues, allocation of funds, research and marketing, and the hiring and maintenance of high quality, dependable staff. Healthcare is one of the most in-demand career fields right now, so graduates should expect little difficulty in finding a demand for their skills, though this will obviously vary by experience and location. Salaries for health care administrators are generally good, with averages in the $70,000. Those will considerably more experience, however, may be able to earn more, while those just entering the field may see less so this should not be seen as a guarantee.

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