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Business Administration Jobs and MBA Programs in North Carolina

North Carolina has plenty of educational and career opportunities for business administrators. There are currently 54,690 jobs for business administrators in North Carolina and that number is growing. A four percent bump in the number of jobs is projected to put the figure at 57,670 by 2016. This is above a steady national projection. In general, business administrators create and execute project work plans and revise to meet changing needs and identify resources needed to complete project.

North Carolina
North Carolina photo by Jan van der Crabben

State figures show that business administrators in North Carolina earn $54 per hour or $112,000 per year on average. In the U.S. as a whole, their income is $52 hourly or $107,000 per year on average.

North Carolina, nicknamed the Tar Heel State, has seen its population grow 16.5 percent to 9,380,884 over the last decade. Raleigh is the state capital. In 2008, the total number of jobs was 5,497,808 and the average annual income in North Carolina was $35,249, which is up from $34,865 the previous year. Unemployment increased to 10.6 percent in 2009, a jump of 4.4 percentage points from the previous year. The number of residents with a college degree is 22.5 percent, which is under the national average.

Beverage product manufacturing, tobacco manufacturing, pharmaceutical preparation manufacturing and apparel manufacturing are the top employing fields in North Carolina.

Having known landmarks is a staple for North Carolina. Fontana Dam is the tallest dam in the Eastern United States, at 480 feet high. While being known for many things, one of the most noteworthy, Cape Hatteras is the largest lighthouse ever to be moved due to erosion problems.

Business Administration

Business administrators create and execute project work plans and revise to meet changing needs and identify resources needed to complete project.

They regularly oversee staff, preparing work schedules and assigning specific duties and establish departmental policies and processes, conferring with board members, organization officials, and staff as needed.

They are required to respond to the actions of other and coordinate activities with them,. Also, they must listen well to others and take in their information and issues.

Business administrators must be able to listen to and understand others in meetings. They should also have the ability to articulate ideas and problems.

In order to be successful in the workplace, business administrators must be reliable and be able to take change and lead.

Business Administration opportunities by state

Local Business Administration MBA opportunities in North Carolina

News about Business Administration in North Carolina

  • North Carolina pension fund managers will allocate billions of dollars to stock-based hedge funds in a new push to improve the state's returns. Up to 6% of pension assets, which totaled nearly $72 billion as of December, will head in that direction ...

    Fri, February 17
  • A Gaithersburg biotech that's developing regenerative therapies for wound care has continued to broaden its scope by acquiring a North Carolina company focused on stem cell treatments for stroke and other conditions. In an all-stock transaction, ...

    Thu, February 16
  • "I can't think of too many times in my life when I got off the phone that I had that big of a smile on my face," the utility infielder said recently from his North Carolina home. This content requires the Adobe Flash Player and a browser with ...

    Fri, February 17
  • "Our curator of Northern European art, Dennis Weller, had the idea for the exhibition around five years ago," Natalie Braswell, Assistant Marketing Manager at the North Carolina Museum of Art, said. "It is a tremendous undertaking to get that many ...

    Thu, February 16
  • Pat Thomas, who has served as the town's manager for nearly four years, has announced his resignation effective April 10. He'll be staying in Eastern North Carolina but heading down the coast to serve as city manager for Southport, according to a ...

    Wed, February 15
  • Peck's previous experience includes a stint with the Republican National Committee in New Jersey during the 2009 governor's race and roles with John McCain's 2008 campaign in Florida and North Carolina. Peck -- like his replacement at the state party, ...

    Fri, February 17
  • The North Carolina Department of Transportation wants to turn I-95 into a toll road to pay for improvements to the road. (more) The NC Department of Transportation held a public meeting in Rocky Mount regarding the I-95 corridor to provide information ...

    Thu, February 16
  • Richmond Community College President Dr. Dale McInnis, RCC Arts & Sciences Department Chair Kevin Parsons, Carolina Farm Credit Regional Manager Chad Puryear and Carolina Farm Credit Ellerbe Branch Manager Patrick Chappell.

    Thu, February 16

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