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Business Administration Jobs and MBA Programs in California

Business administrators can find many career and educational opportunities in California. There are currently 242,880 jobs for business administrators in California and this is projected to grow by five percent to 241,700 jobs by 2016. This is above the national trend, which shows relatively little movement. Business administrators create and execute project work plans and revise to meet changing needs and identify resources needed to complete project.

California photo by Carpaltnl

The income for business administrators is $58 per hour or $121,000 per year on average in California. Nationally, their income is $52 hourly or $107,000 per year on average.

Also known as the Golden State, California has a population of 36,961,664. It's population has increased 9.1 percent over the last 10 years. The state capital is Sacramento. In 2008, there were a total of 21,063,338 jobs and at $43,852, the average annual income in California was higher than the previous year's per capita figure of $43,402. The unemployment rate in California was 11.4 percent in 2009. It rose by 4.2 percentage points from the previous year. Roughly 26.6 percent of state residents have college degrees. This is under the national average.

The top employing fields in California include other electronic parts merchant wholesalers, payroll services, wineries and toy goods merchant wholesalers.

While being known for many things, one of the most noteworthy, the largest three-day rodeo in the United States is held on the Tehama County Fairgrounds in Red Bluff. One of the unique tidbits about California is An animal called the riparian brush rabbit calls Caswell Memorial State Park (near Manteca) its home. Endemic only to the state's park system, the critter lives in approximately 255 acres stretching along the area's once-vast hardwood forest.

Business Administration

Business administrators create and execute project work plans and revise to meet changing needs and identify resources needed to complete project.

They regularly oversee staff, preparing work schedules and assigning specific duties and establish departmental policies and processes, conferring with board members, organization officials, and staff as needed.

They are required to respond to the actions of other and coordinate activities with them,. Also, they must listen well to others and take in their information and issues.

Business administrators must be able to listen to and understand others in meetings. They should also have the ability to articulate ideas and problems.

In order to be successful in the workplace, business administrators must be reliable and be able to take change and lead.

Business Administration opportunities by state

Local Business Administration MBA opportunities in California

News about Business Administration in California

  • If it's February, Tony La Russa needs to be in Florida - not northern California. According to, the former Cardinals manager will depart his West Coast home to spend spring training with the Detroit Tigers and old friends Jim Leyland and Dave ...

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  • Albert Seeno Jr. talks about his buisness and the history he has with Harvy Whitamore in his Seeno Homes Office Wednesday in Concord, Calif. / Liz Margerum/RGJ A sales manager for the Seenos - the Northern California family fighting a legal battle ...

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  • Waetermans, 63, was fired as manager of the township June 23, 2011, about 10 months after he accepted the job and signed a three-year contract. He is seeking legal action against the township commission for breach of contract. "I want reinstatement to ...

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  • AP VENTURA, Calif. -- There are no more wild cats on a Navy-owned island off the California coast. Navy officials, environmentalists and animal rights activists announced this week that hundreds of feral felines plaguing San Nicolas Island for decades ...

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  • 16 (Bloomberg) -- California will benefit from "pent- up demand" for its debt in the $2 billion sale of general- obligation securities it plans for March 1, said Robert Miller, a senior portfolio manager at Wells Capital Management.

    Thu, February 16
  • BELMONT, Calif., Feb 16, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Zing Consulting Group, a marketing, training and communications firm in the Bay Area has been selected by the California Apartment Association (CAA) to assist in updating its California Certified ...

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  • A California man who was born with half of a left arm filed a complaint against Starbucks because he claims he was "blatantly" discriminated against during an interview at one of the company's stores, reported. Eli Pierre says that when he ...

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  • AP EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- El Segundo's city manager has been fired after proposing an increase in Chevron oil refinery taxes. The City Council voted 3-2 in closed session last week to fire Doug Willmore, the coastal city's top administrator who was paid ...

    Wed, February 15

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