Triple Majoring: Is It Possible?

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Posted on February 9th, 2011

For some students, the prospect of completing one major is daunting enough without any additional majors being thrown in there, but for other students, one major just isn't enough for them, due to career goals, diverse interests or just plain crazy ambition. Double majors have been a fairly normal part of college life for some time, but these days, some students are taking it to the max by triple majoring. For some career paths, this kind of study just makes sense, and in a highly competitive job market it never hurts to have one more ace up your sleeve, but that doesn't make completing the requirements for not one, not two but three majors at once any less insane. If you've ever considered triple majoring, or didn't even know it was a possibility here are some tips that can turn it from a pipe dream into a reality. Choose related majors. Trying to triple major in fields that are very different probably isn't going to work very well for you unless you want to spend a couple extra years at school. The best triple majors are ones that bring together several related subjects that will make sense when applied in the real world. So choose your majors carefully!

Accept that it might take more than 4 years. Is is possible to finish three majors in only four years? Sure. It is going to work out that way for every student and every major? Not likely. Adding another major means adding another whole set of required coursework which can add another semester or two onto your degree program. For some students, it may be worth it.

Know your limits. If you've got a million things on your plate already, adding another major probably isn't the best thing for you. After all, you have to sleep sometime. Know your limits and how much time you really have to commit to another major before tacking one on.

Always talk to your academic advisor. This is the best way to figure out how to tackle your triple majoring. He or she will know what each major requires and will help you to draw up a plan that will span your time at college.

Choose your courses carefully. Some courses only count for one major while others may count towards the requirements of two or maybe even all three majors. Always do your research before signing up for classes to make sure you're making the best compromise between classes you want to take and those which will help you get your degree.

If you're a highly ambitious college student looking to milk all you can out of your college education then a triple major may just be for you. Before taking the plunge, see your academic advisor, set up careful plans and ensure you have the time and the stamina to see your tripled workload through.

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