The Importance of Choosing an Online School That is Accredited

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Posted on February 8th, 2011

After earning a college degree, the next step for most graduates is to start the job hunt in search of a career and pursue their career choices. The way that potential employers, hiring managers, and people that work in human resources view you is especially important when you are looking to them to give you a shot with their company, business, or organization. And your degree can be especially important because while employers are open and accepting to hiring candidates with online degrees, they will not likely hire candidates that have online degrees from learning institutions that are not accredited.

While ensuring that the learning institution any student attends is accredited is important, it is especially important for those pursuing degrees through distance learning to know the importance of accreditation. Even though distance learning is becoming more popular and acceptable, the fact that doubt has plagued distance learning means that steps should be taken to ensure that degrees earned online are taken seriously. Doing research and ensuring that the college or university you enroll in is accredited can make all the difference when it comes to pursuing a career.

In an employer's eyes, having a degree from an institution that is not accredited doesn't really say much. It means that you didn't really attend school or really learn anything at all. It definitely does not meet the qualifying requirements for many companies, and employers commonly feel that if your degree does not come from an accredited institution, that you simply do not qualify for jobs or have the necessary training to be considered. Not only can having a degree that is not accredited hurt a person's shot at employment, but it can also be inferred that the person may be sketchy or untrustworthy, even if they didn't know the importance of accreditation.

Choosing a school that is accredited ensures that the degrees and achievements awarded to students are real and they actually earned their degrees. Accredited institutions also ensure that guidelines, polices, and procedures were practiced in order for students to receive their degrees and awards. When interviewing for positions, you are a stranger to employers and your resume and degree speak volumes when potential employers have nothing else to go on, so it is important to be able to speak through your degrees and achievements.

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