Set Up a Study Space at Home

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Posted on January 15th, 2011

For online students, academic life can be as varied as a student's own background lifestyle. Because most students work on their own time and arrange their schooling around work and other conflicts, the study environment of an online student can be somewhat fluid. However, in order to be the most productive student you can be, you need to give yourself ample time and space to get things done. Online students are so used to studying one the go that it is easy to forget the importance of having a stable work area. The benefits can be huge, however, and all online students should try to create at least some type of study area in their homes. Here are some steps to get you started.

First, you will need to select the right space to study. This will involve thinking about your daily schedule and the way you prefer to study. Do you never clear off the table in the living room, but always want to get work done there? Do you try to get work done in a particular location, but inevitably move to the couch because it's just not comfortable enough? Figure out a spot in your house that doesn't see much traffic and could potentially be a quite, comfortable work space. Try to steer clear of the bedroom, and separate your working and resting areas. However, if your work space is not comfortable enough, you will end up moving to the couch or bed to get your work done.

Once you figure out where you would like to create your space, the first step is to get the are ready for work. De-clutter the area completely. Put away anything that doesn't belong, and find new places for the things you've been avoiding dealing with. Once you have the area cleared, grab your cleaning supplies and make the entire area spotless. Even if the rest of your house is anything but, having a super-clean work area will help to switch your brain into work mode and get your focused. Next, organize anything that's left in the area. Put anything that you won't need easy access to away in a clearly marked place. There is no reason to leave old papers and documents out in a easy-to-grab location if you only need to refer to them once in a while. Think about how you will work in the area and organize it accordingly.

Next, you need to figure out how you want to conform the space to your study habits and preferences. Do you need absolute silence when you study? Do you prefer some background noise, like music or the T.V.? Be honest with yourself about the types of environments in which you actually get the most work done. Try to arrange your work area in a way that will create the most productive space for your needs. Make sure and set the space up to be a constant area. If you are forced to set up your study area every time you need it, you will be much less likely to study consistently.

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