Effective Study Habits for an Online Learner

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Posted on February 13th, 2011

When you have a full-time job, a family and all the other responsibilities of life outside of school, using time wisely is crucial. As an online student, time management is one of your foremost concerns. Online education allows you to save countless hours in commuting and provides you the flexibility to set your own schedule. This is a wonderful aspect of attaining your degree online, but can also pose some difficulties with managing time effectively.

The secret to success for an online student is learning how to balance a busy life style. Setting apart the appropriate amounts of time for work, school, family, leisure, etc., can be difficult. The key to doing this effectively is doing it early. Before your online classes begin think about your daily schedule. Find a time that you will set aside each day for your online classes. All too often, people with busy lives who decide to become students online forget to plan ahead. Leaning to balance time between all of the responsibilities you have in your life, will allow you to utilize your time more effectively.

An online student must master the art of focus in order to be completely successful. The truth is that online students have a lot more distractions pushing at them during their class and study time. With the world of the internet merely a click away, it can be difficult to stay on task and complete an assignment in a truly efficient way.

Once you have established a daily routine that works, be sure to avoid the distractions of the internet during your online school time. Keep only the necessary programs open to avoid getting lost in the web. Try to make it a rule that during the time you have designated for school there is no use of Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. These sites (as I’m sure you know) have the ability to suck up your time and kill your productivity.

Although being an online student is all about focus and concentration, it is also important to take regular study breaks. When working for extended periods of time, it can be easy to slow your pace without really noticing. Regular breaks allow your mind to relax some and encourage better concentration. Short study breaks should only be ten or fifteen minutes. Just be sure to actually get up and do something completely different during this time, so your body and mind can separate work time from leisure time.

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