50 Best Business Professor Blogs

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Posted on December 20th, 2010

If you're already in school — as an undergraduate studying business or in a respected b-school graduate program — you probably already turn to your professors for advice, mentoring, and help with classes. But if you're already working in the business world, or just want to learn more about top business stories while rethinking classic business principles from experts outside of your normal circle, these blogs deserve bookmarking. Written from professors at great schools across the world, they cover all kinds of business topics, from innovation to competition and strategy to business law to economics to career management.


Economics professors dissect U.S. policies, international markets and more.

  1. Greg Mankiw's Blog: Professor Mankiw teaches at Harvard and blogs to keep up with students and further the public conversation on economics, tax issues, and major stories affecting the U.S. economy. Also check out his Advice for Students category for students thinking about grad school, undergraduate course requirements, and more.
  2. Grasping Reality With Both Hands: This UC Berkeley professor aims to provide a "fair, balanced, reality-based, and even-handed" look at economies theories, the market, international issues, and more.
  3. Econbrowser: James D. Hamilton is a professor at UC – San Diego and blogs here about economic conditions and policy, sharing his evaluations on and concerns about trade, inflation, and taxes, among many other topics.
  4. Carpe Diem: University of Michigan economics and finance professor Mark J. Perry is currently on sabbatical and living in Washington, D.C., but he still blogs regularly to break down the impact everyday people have on the economy, here and abroad.
  5. Statistical Modeling, Casual Inference and Social Science: Award-winning professor Andrew Gelman and his research team blog about their highly scientific studies in an accessible style, focusing on Bayesian statistics and multilevel modeling.
  6. Marginal Revolution: Tyler Cowen is the economics chair at George Mason University and also oversees this blog, while also contributing to other journals and publications. Read this blog for a wide range of economics articles about health care, debt, international economics, and a lot more.
  7. Economist's View: University of Oregon professor Mark Thoma writes about the Fed, tax policy, supply and demand, and other important economics issues affecting our day-to-day existence. He's also a great resource for finding other articles, blogs and resources on the web to further your education.

Management and Leadership

Become a better manager, even if you don't have the official title, by reading these blogs.

  1. Professor Michael Roberto's Blog: Bryant University professor and former Harvard Business School faculty member Michael Roberto writes about all types of business strategies on his blog, mostly focusing on management tactics and leadership while commenting on current headlines.
  2. Robert Salomon's Blog: Professor Salomon teaches management at NYU's Stern School of Business. You'll find a daily feed of the day's top business stories from various media outlets, as well as original content dissecting mergers and acquisitions, budgeting, problem-solving, and more.
  3. Stew Friedman: Friedman is a Practice Professor of Management at Wharton Business School. Here he blogs about cultivating your own effective leadership style, whether you're a boss of a small department or company, or an executive for a high-profile business.
  4. Billso: This is a great resource for managers and students who want to learn how to use technology — particularly mobile computing and information systems — for collaboration and branding.
  5. Authentic Organizations: This blog comes from a former business school professor who still lectures to MBA and EMBA students and who blogs here on organizational identity, branding, organizational diversity, and achieving purpose.
  6. Work Matters: Bob Sutton's clear, easy-to-read blog is all about maximizing your own potential and inspiring others around you to be more creative, productive and smart, without micro-managing. If you're looking for good business books to guide you, he's a great resource for that, too.
  7. Business Exposed: London Business School professor Freek Vermeulen writes about what really goes on in the world of business, once you get beneath the airbrushed facade." Recent posts cover everything from ethics to analysts to communication strategy.
  8. Women's Leadership: This blog from Babson College highlights influential, inspirational women leaders, in business and other professions.

Accounting and Finance

These professors use their blogs to educate the public, business students, and business professionals on better PF and work-related finance.

  1. Financial Rounds: This East Coast graduate school professor blogs to marry the theories and concepts taught in class with real-world finance problems.
  2. Financial Literacy and Ignorance: Annamaria Lusardi is currently an economics professor at Dartmouth, but she's taught everywhere from the Graduate School of Business at Columbia to the University of Chicago Public Policy School, and has even served as an adviser to the U.S. Treasury. Read her in-depth posts to learn more about debt, investments, and more.
  3. The Finance Professor: Scott Rothbort has worked at Merill Lynch and founded his own asset management company, but he's also a term professor at the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University.
  4. Professor David Kass: University of Maryland business school professor David Kass posts on business news, including major investments, losses, earnings and other reports from high-profile companies.
  5. My Finance Professor: Dr. Boyce Watkins is your "finance physician," sharing tips on PF, including investing in retirement, saving money, and managing debt.
  6. Professor Jayanth R. Varma's Financial Markets Blog: Students and professionals looking to analyze financial markets can follow this blog to learn more about stock exchange competition, bailouts, and more, in India and around the world.
  7. Kellogg Insight Presents: The Kellogg School of Management's finance department maintains this blog to educate readers on the significance of and theories behind major government and private sector deals and transactions.
  8. 365 Days on a Budget: Follow University of Alabama – Birmingham assistant professor finance Stephanie Rauterkus as she helps families budget for every day of the year.
  9. Prem Sikka: University of Essex accounting professor Prem Sikka blogs for The Guardian on the financial crisis, financial markets and business ethics in the UK and abroad.
  10. Tick Marks: Keep up with accounting principles and financial news stories from Dan Meyer, an accounting professor in Tennessee.

Business Law

From sports law to corporate law and beyond, here's what you need to know in terms of B-Law.

  1. Professor Bainbridge.com: Stephen Bainbridge and William D. Warren, law professors at UCLA, blog about corporate law, and big cases involving government intervention.
  2. Business Law Prof Blog: A part of the Law Professors network, this blog is contributed to and edited by professors from law schools at the University of Dayton, Hofstra, University of North Dakota, and the University of Akron. Read it for insight into the financial crisis, the oil and gas industry, Internet issues and e-commerce trends, and more.
  3. FCPA Professor: Mike Koehler teaches Business Law at Butler University and here blogs about the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. His background advising clients and working on FCPA cases still influences his posts that comment on current issues and prosecutions.
  4. TaxProf Blog: Charles Hartsock of University of Cincinnati College of Law and Paul L. Caron keep up this blog to report on tax law, including the IRS, law school, tax analysis, and more.
  5. Sports Law Blog: If you're interested in going into sports law, read this blog, maintained by several contributors, to learn about the legal issues involved with running a sports team.
  6. The Conglomerate: Six business law professors blog about business, economics and society, commenting on ethics issues and more.


Get tips on customer behavior, competition, ethics and more.

  1. MarketingProfs: This blog network shares a wide range of posts about marketing, consumer behavior and expectations, innovation, technology, and more.
  2. John Sviokla: This HBR blog from former Harvard Business School marketing professor John Sviokla is designed for marketing managers looking for better ways to direct their own teams and reach customers.
  3. Responsible Marketing: Patrick Byers used to teach a course on marketing communications but now sits on the department advisory board at the University of Washington. Read his blog for news and theories on marketing ethics, and the relationship between "commerce and conscience."
  4. Technology and Marketing Law Blog: Eric Goldman's blog is an important resource for learning how to navigate new media and Internet marketing opportunities legally and safely.
  5. Dr. Neil Hair: This marketing professor and researcher has a sleek blog on which he reports news from conferences, his work, and his teaching experiences.
  6. Life is a Sandbox: Champlain College associate marketing professor Dr. Elaine Young discusses social media marketing and management here.


Below you'll find blogs from professors who are also great inspiration for breaking out on your own.

  1. The Entrepreneurial Mind: Belmont University's Dr. Jeff Cornwell maintains this popular blog on entrepreneurship, combining business theory with best practices and stories about small business culture.
  2. Andrew Hargadon: UC Davis entrepreneurship chair Andrew Hargadon is an author, researcher and the founder of two centers at his university promoting cross-disciplinary entrepreneurship. Here he blogs about companies making innovative changes and the necessary characteristics of entrepreneurs.
  3. BOPreneur: Consultant and Colorado State graduate school innovation and entrepreneurship professor Paul Hudnut writes about those entrepreneurs working to improve the lives of people who earn less than $3 per day, living at the Base of the Pyramid.

General Business

From business and tech to career management, here are even more fantastic business professor blogs to read.

  1. Tom Davenport: Babson College professor Tom Davenport blogs for the Harvard Business Review about IT, social media, leadership skills, and decision-making.
  2. Keith Murray on Biz: This former health care worker is now a professor at Bryant University. His blog is a useful resource for business professionals and those outside the industry who want to learn more about personal finance, the business of government, spending, and more.
  3. The Deal Professor: The New York Times' DealBook features this blog by Steven M. Davidoff, a University of Connecticut law professor who specializes in financial regulation, hedge funds and mergers and acquisitions. It's a good blog for digging deeper to uncover motives, contracts and the fine print in big business dealings.
  4. Open IT Strategies: This isn't just a blog for IT managers. Marketing managers, entrepreneurs and other business professionals can learn about Professor Joel West's idea that "the use of "open"-ness" can be "a competitive strategy."
  5. Technology and Organizations: Terri L. Griffith, Ph.D., combines entrepreneurship, management practices, organizational structure, and innovation in her discussion about technology and business.
  6. BizDeansTalk: Here you'll find "a discussion on management education" from deans and experts from the top U.S. business schools.
  7. David Silverman: Get practical tips for effective business writing and managing your own career.
  8. Rita McGrath: Columbia Business School professor Rita McGrath posts about innovation and competition across many industries.
  9. Santiago Iniguez: Iniguez is the dean of the Instituto de Empresa Business School and blogs in Spanish about about Latin American and South American education, major industries in the region, and his own research.
  10. Andrew McAfee's Blog: You'll learn how IT impacts business — the day-to-day operations and the whole profession and industry — from this insightful blog.

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