What Made a Top Online MBA Program in 2009

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Posted on December 14th, 2009

MBA programs in 2008 and 2009 saw a drastic shift from the traditional setting to more of an unconventional degree route.  MBA programs now cater to a different type of student, one who is prepared not to break into the Wall Street crowd and had discovered new alternatives for a business degree.  As a result of this shift, online MBA programs have been forced to re-evaluate their degree programs as well, resulting in a more well-rounded curriculum throughout the online MBA community. 

Because the economy has changed in such a drastic manner, MBA programs have been forced to evolve with the economy since many of their potential students rely on the economic factor of business degrees.  As a result, the top online MBA programs have begun to include courses and specialties in independent business, eco-friendly business, and many other seemingly unconventional classes.  However, once students take these courses, it seems strange to them that they were never previously offered at schools, especially when such classes seem highly valuable for any business student, regardless of their economic predicament. 

Eco-friendly courses have contributed to the rise of the top online MBA programs, as every niche in the business world is beginning to evaluate how “green” their companies are in an effort to jump the gun before environmental measures come into effect.  These courses teach students the value of environmentally sound corporations, and attempts to instill a new responsibility onto potential future CEOs.  This thought has begun to ripple within the MBA community as more and more prominent traditional schools have re-evaluated their programs to incorporate more “green” courses, taking notes from foreign corporations.

Running your own business has begun to be a career goal for many MBA students in light of the economy’s downturn.  Because Wall Street positions are no longer as stable as they once appeared to be, and other business positions are difficult to find, more students are opting instead to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning their own business.  Many courses now cater to this type of student and teaches them the specifics of running their own business, rather than previous classes which taught how to become an executive.  Additionally, online MBA programs now offer students the opportunity to gain valuable business experience while working during the day and taking online classes from home at night.  This subsequently allows online students to continue gaining business experience while still gaining a degree that can help them begin a business of their own.

Additionally, many top online MBA programs offer students the option of choosing from many different types of MBA degrees, depending on which one relates best to their current situations.  There are specific “executive” MBA programs which allow business professionals to earn a degree that their employer has requested.  These programs are specifically catered to students who have had years of work experience, rather than students who are fresh out of college.  Other programs are exclusively for students who are part-time, or students who just graduated from college.  Offering these options to students lets them build their own schedule and promotes each school for its flexibility in choices. 

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