Rethinking Business School Rankings

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Posted on April 2nd, 2009

As the economy has shifted in the past few years, so have the ranking systems throughout many business schools around the nation.  Business schools no longer cater exclusively to the future Wall Street executive, but in fact have rearranged their course schedules to cater to the student who must survive the economic downfall of the recession. 

Business school class rankings have now changed so that they reflect the current state of the economy and the potential careers of many business students.  More and more students are finding that lucrative career moves come after taking classes that teach students how to open their own business and maintain profits.  Only a few years ago, this was a little considered endeavor for business school students, but it has now evolved in such a way that it has become the most feasible option for graduates.  As a result, business schools now offer courses that help students become better situated with the shift the economy has taken and possible future careers.

Additionally, the eco-friendly movement has gained serious airplay within many business schools as well, changing rankings at the same time.  These classes teach students how to become more energy efficient in their future careers and help them potentially grow “green” corporations that cut down on their emissions and hopefully pave the way to a more eco-friendly future business professional. 

The days of luxurious business careers are quickly escaping the dreams of many students of business schools, and have been replaced by a more realistic image of the future.  However, this does not mean that they are in a dead-end career move, but simply that they will have to work harder than previously stipulated.  And isn’t that what growing up is all about?  Adapting to change and moving along with it?  While many students have been reluctant to conform to the new idea that business careers will not be as lucrative as they once were, this change still offers a fresh view of creativity to students.  Now, many students will be able to open up a new business that is revolutionary in the field, a bold move that was unprecedented only a few years ago.

As rankings in business schools and business courses fluctuate over the years, the fact that they still allow students to earn a valuable education will never change.  Business degrees remain as valuable as they always were, but are simply applicable to different fields, evolving with the pace of the economy.  

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