A New Use for B-Schools

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Posted on November 19th, 2009

B-schools have quickly become a new outlet for people across the country, differing from its previous conception that business school was only for those who wished to become a high-level executive.  B-schools now appeal to people from all degrees who simply want to start up their own business without hiring extra help.  This has become a quiet shift from the traditional notions of business school, but it has begun to dominate the appeal for the degree.     

Business schools are now helping students gain the confidence necessary to get out into the business world during a recession, regardless of what career they intend to conquer with their degree.  Many b-school degree programs now offer students sound advice in how to go about starting their own business and putting an MBA to good use.  With this type of career placement, students do not need to worry about layoffs if they are their own boss!  Furthermore, ingenious new business ideas are popping up everywhere, as students who have different undergraduate degrees are meshing these degrees with an MBA.  This has resulted in unprecedented independent business ideas. 

The appeal of MBAs and b-schools started when the economy began to take a downturn a few years ago.  Because there are a limited number of executive-level positions around the country which require MBAs, the program needed to rethink its direction.  As a result, students now pursue this degree not to become an employee, but rather to become an employer and an owner of their own business.  Many schools have revamped their degree program to cater to this new type of business student and the numbers of enrolled students have increased exponentially.  If anything, a downturn in the economy wills people to go back to school and get an extra degree, the most useful of which is currently an MBA or business degree. 

Additionally, students can now hone in on a dream to own their own business which they may have previously thought was impossible.  Business classes teach students how to become an entrepreneur and how to gain the funds necessary to start up a business from scratch.  Additionally, they teach students how to be creative with their endeavors and create a business that is unique in a niche that has not been tapped yet.  This dip in the economy has additionally spawned a new breed of students that are more risky: only a few years ago, most business students would not risk putting a huge loan of money down on a business endeavor by themselves.  However, this view has changed as students are now anxious to find a new form of income and they additionally have less to lose than the students of only a few years ago. 

B-schools have become a beacon of light in a dark economic world, presenting a new array of options for incoming students.  While this risk-taking behavior may not last long, it has led to a wide variety of independent businesses that have demonstrated the creativity that exists around the country. 

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