The Best Online MBA Programs Learn from the Financial Crisis of Wall Street

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Posted on November 17th, 2008

If you walked into an MBA class three years ago, you may see a brief history of Wall Street, some words of where it evolved from and how it continues on its course.  However, the past two years have demonstrated that not every financial outlet is safe from a complete meltdown, and professors are now incorporating this lesson into their courses.  Online MBA programs are following the lead from many traditional professors of Ivy League schools who have begun to dramatize the effects of the financial crisis in an effort to better prepare their business students to make it through any future crises. 

The fact that the financial crisis has affected nearly every part of American life is reason enough to study it so quickly after it happened, but has additionally helped alter the best online MBA programs in only a few months.  Many schools have now incorporated such distinctive classes into their programs so that students can research past financial breakdowns and understand what went wrong and what they could do differently in the same situation.  In an effort to be considered for a spot in the best online MBA programs, many online schools have now included such programs in their curriculum so that future business professionals can be better schooled in how to handle an impending financial crisis in the future. 

Many schools have included courses that evaluate major players in the financial crisis, such as Bernard Madoff and Richard Fuld.  Analyzing the way these major business executives conducted themselves and helped lead to their downfall is important for many future business students, as well as teaching the moral values of business school.  Additionally, many of these programs have begun to incorporate past historical events and apply them to our current economic state, such as British imperialism and postcolonial literature.  For many professors, this is a perfect time for students to retreat to the past for enouragement of how to proceed in the future. 

An optimistic future for business students has given way to one that is more uncertain for many students: no longer are there constant job opportunities for business executives or even entry-level internships at major business firms.  However, this has only led to a restructuring of many online MBA programs so that students are better equipped to face whatever challenges may come their way.

Our nation has undergone many shifts in economics and business; this is only another stepping stone to our future.  Preparing a new class of students to better handle financial fluctuations is an important part of reevaluating many business schools and preparing the best possible MBA programs.

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